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INCINERATION TECHNOLOGY          Mfrd. by Aireff deTox Incineration Ltd.

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Aireff - environment company

Aireff de Tox Incineration Ltd, a professionally managed, fast growing, organization with excellent infrastructure to conceptualize, test, simulate and execute small to large projects in the field of Environmental Engineering, has its corporate office in Thane, with vast network of offices spread all over India.

A well knit, multidisciplinary task force of chemical, mechanical, civil, materials, process and instrumentation engineers are guided at Aireff by world renowned environmentalists with backup of Aireff Research Centre which facilitates comprehensive combustibility studies.

Incineration Technology at Aireff

Aireff has proved its competence in offering user friendly solution on turnkey basis to various studies India and abroad with waste heat recovery and high efficiency flue gas cleaning systems.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste from any industry is a critical problem today with stringent regulations and commitment of the industry to control pollution of all types including hazardous wastes. Aireff offers proven expertise and experience in disposal of all types of hazardous wastes by incineration. Incineration, when provided with proper flue gas cleaning system, is the best possible solution to dispose off any kind of waste.

Aireff Incineration technology ensures most cost effective design in terms of combustion efficiency and fuel consumption.


Aireff's R&D wing updates the organization with the latest scientific solutions to customers problems and has been helping large number of clients.

Aireff's Research Centre, well equipped to carry out combustibility studies with wastes, supports the computer aided Design wing of Aireff by facilitating with optimal designing parameters derived based on the elemental analysis, thermal properties & combustion behavior.


Aqueous Wastes with high TDS Pathological/Biological/Hospital Waste
Radioactive Waste Effluent Treatment Wastes


Halogenated & Non-halogenated Organics
Mercaptans Cyanide Sludge
Petrochemical and Oil Sludge Distillation Residues
Rejected Solvents Any other wastes


Multichamber (static) Mobile Incinerator Pyrolytic Rotary Kiln
Ship Mounted Specific to requirement Trolley Feed  


The quality assurance in line to ISO 14000 is strictly followed prior to shipment by highly qualified QAC team of engineers.


Radioactive Waste Incinerator   

* Combustion efficiency 99.997%

* Volume reduction of waste by 90%

* Pyrolytic Oxidation

* High level of dust control devices

* PLC based Operation

* Automatic Waste feeding.

* PVC Combustion without dioxine and furan formation


Aqueous Waste Incinerator

* Inbuilt waste heat recovery

* Water as condensate recovery

* Salt recovery

* Compact and user friendly

* Minimum Maintenance

* Long refractory life against inorganics penetration



Pathological Waste Incinerator

* Pyrolytic and Automated Operation

* High Fuel Efficiency

* Waste Heat Recovery for steam and hot water generator

* In line to latest C.P.C.B. norms

* Option of wet scrubbing of flue gases



Electric Incinerator

* Pyrolytic & Low Thermal Mass

* Compact & Mobile

* In line to CPCB norms

* Single and Three Phase supply




Oxyrich Incineration System (Patent Pending)

* Energy saving by 60%

* Size redution to 30%

* Minimum NOx formation     Domestic garbage
                                              to power generation

* Excellent combustion




* Waste heat recovery for power generation, hot water, steam, or hot air generator
* Fuel gas cleaning (Dry or wet)
* Waste feeding; Fully automatic / Semi-automatic /   Manual
* Ash removal Fully automatic/Semi-automatic/Manual
* Controls: Through PLC/Analog


Nuclear Fuel Complex Municipal Corporation of Delhi New Delhi Municipal Council
Nuclear Power Corporation C.P.W.D. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Vimhans Angel Spinning and Weaving Mills Indogulf Fertilizers and Chemicals Corporation Limited
Coats Viyella and many more...  


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