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Aireff de Tox is committed to helping all its customers worldwide ensuring environmental safety through various products and processes related to environment conservation. The Company since its inception has been developing various technologies through in house Research & Development which are finding useful applications in various industries like sugar, tannery, textiles, paper & pulp, hotels etc.

It has been Aireff's continuing endeavor to provide complete solutions for problems related to water or waste water treatment as both are interlinked. Today Aireff offers a complete range of water treatment system including concept to commissioning of small to large scale water supply projects.

The wide range of systems offered by Aireff for diverse applications demands a reliable easy operation and high efficiency which comes through our highly experienced design engineers capable of designing the simplest to the most sophisticated systems incorporating latest features to meet any international norms.





Also called hyperfilteration, is capable of the highest fileration level possible, including separating dissolved salts and removing bacteria, pyrogens and organics from water. Cellulosic polyamide and speciality polymer membranes are available in many varieties & configurations to meet a wide range of purification systems.


Equipment from Aireff removes particles in the 300-1000 molecular weight range, rejecting selected salts, most organics and passing more water at lower operation than R.O. Systems. Nonofilteration economically softens water without the pollution due to salt spent and provides unique organics desalting capabilities.


Aireff designs and offers large and small Ultrafilteration (UF) equipment in standard and custom configurations. The feed fluid can be precisely fractionated making UF ideal for fluid separations, industrial processes and as pre-treatment or post-treatment for ultrapure water system.



Aireff manufacturers microfilteration (MF) equipment for demanding fluid separation and purification applications such as biotechnology and research. MF removes particles in the range of 0.05 micron to 2 microns. The feed passes directly through the MF cartridge in normal flow, or are separated into number of streams in a longer lasting crossflow mode.


ADI/BW/25 25 LPH 0.37 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/50 50 LPH 0.37 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/100 100 LPH 0.37 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/150 150 LPH 0.37 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/200 200 LPH 0.56 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/250 250 LPH 0.56 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/300 300 LPH 1.10 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/400 400 LPH 1.10 KW - 1 PHASE
ADI/BW/500 500 LPH 1.10 KW - 1 PHASE

Aireff products find wide applications in:-

* Process Industries
  • Boiler feed water.
  • Cooling towers for air conditioning.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries & Cosmetics.
  • Brewing, Soft drinks & food processing.
  • Electroplating and Metalfinishing Industries etc.

* Power Generation
* Swimming Pools
* Hotel Industry
* Residential Complex
* Townships


Responsive local sales & technical backup is provided by a network of regional offices & extensive network of distributors across the country whilst our international clients are provided the same from our associates abroad.


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