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We are part of a family owned group of companies engaged in manufacturing, distribution and representation. Our traditional family business for generations has been international trade in diamonds, gems & jewellery with offices in India, Srilanka, Hong Kong, U.K., Europe and USA.

We diversified into industry in the 1970s. We manufacture industrial gases, medical oxygen, and gas mixtures through our group concern, M/s. Pamarox Pvt. Ltd.

We distribute specialty gases, refrigerant gases, chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, industrial components & consumables like copper pipes, tubing, fittings, etc.

We represent as Agent / manufacturers’ representative leading manufactures of plant & machinery, equipments, spare parts from India and abroad


Air, Gas & Liquid Dehydration; PSA Plants
Heatless dryer, internally heated dryer, blower reactivated dryers, split stream no-loss dryer, heat of compression dryer, various gas / liquid dryers.  PSA plants for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane generation; carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone recovery systems.

Air Pollution Control
Cyclone, multiclones, bag filters and scrubbers, odor control and mist eliminators, dust collectors, etc.

Evaporative cooling and natural gravity ventilation system
Air washers, exhaust ventilators, cellulose pads, supply & exhaust grills, dampers, and louvers, inlet filters.

Ventilation & Exhaust Systems
Industrial ventilation, hotel/kitchen ventilation, dust collection / extraction and scrubbing systems, fuming cupboards, pressurization for dust free atmosphere, pneumatic conveying, clean rooms, seal air system for ESP, laminar flow cabinets etc.  air curtain, pressurization system, scrubber, electrostatic precipitator, etc.

Fans & Blowers 
Centrifugal / axial flow fans, air circulators, mancoolers, trim handling system, pneumatic conveying including catalyst loading & unloading systems, etc.

Cooling Towers
Forced & induced draught in FRP and timber

Water Purification & Treatment Systems
Potable and industrial water treatment, water softening & demineralization, defluoridisation & iron removal, R.O., ultra filtration and membrane based system, cooling tower water treatment, municipal water supply projects.

Effluent Treatment
For textile, pulp & paper, sugar & distilleries, bulk drug, chemical industries, food processing, breweries, dairies and other industries, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Incineration Systems  
For halogenated and aromatic organics, radioactive, pesticides, petrochemicals, hospital and pathological, mercaptans and solvent fumes, inorganic sludge and aqueous trash & garbage, rubber / tyre waste etc.

Refrigeration Systems
Water & brine chillers, screw compressors, flake ice generators, walk in cold rooms / freezers, ice block machines, turnkey refrigeration systems for food, pharmaceutical, marine, chemical and other industries, copper tubing.

Laboratory equipments & Scientific Instruments
Dry heat chamber / ovens, cold chamber / ovens, humidity chambers / ovens, environmental chambers / ovens, constant temperature baths, dryers, incubators, centrifuges, shakers, stirrers, corrosive test chamber, mixer, granulators, pharmaceutical machinery, tablet testing machines, general laboratory equipments.

Storage systems
Vertical carousel, heavy duty carousel, automatic elevators, shuttle flooring, horizontal carousel, mini load system, automated guided vehicle (AGV), self supporting warehouse system, pallet racking systems, powered pallet mobile racks, slotted angle racks, cantilever racks, mobile racks, pallets, pallet cages & stackable bins, pallet trucks, stackers etc.

Compressors & Vacuum pumps
Natural gas and process compressors, liquid ring vacuum pump  / compressor, vacuum filter, vacuum system for paper machine, etc.  

Turnkey Projects
For cattle/poultry feed, aqua feed, grain milling & handling, energy food, seed processing, spices & curry powder, salt iodisation / refining, coal handling, besan plant, mini solvent extraction plant etc.. Process 

Indirect air heater, tray dryers, fluid bed dryer, thermic fluid heater, basket centrifuges, horizontal mixers, pellet mills, rotary air lock valves, boilers, low air pressure oil burners and heating pumping & filtering units, oil/gas firing equipments, etc.

Size Reduction Equipments
Miracle mills (hammer mills), pin mils, micro pulverizes, universal mills, turbo classifier mills, ultra fine grinder, roller-pulverizing mills, ball mills, etc.

Cleaning, Sieving & Grading Equipments
Gravity separators (Densimetric classifier), gyro screens (vibro screen), destoners, vibrating screens, precleaners / grain cleaners, reject screen, etc.

Material Handling Equipments
Bucket elevators, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, salt conveyors, roller conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, S type conveyors, EOT / HOT cranes, grab buckets, transfer cars, truck & wagon bag loading / unloading systems, stackers, pneumatic conveying, etc.

Weighing, Bagging  & Packing Systems
Netweighers for open and valve bags, impellers & Air packer for open & valve bags, gross weighers, auger packers, truck & wagon bag loading / unloading systems, stackers, big bag filling systems, roto packers for cement, sugar, chemical, petrochemical, mineral, grain, & other materials.

Industrial Cleaning Equipments
Vacuum cleaner, dust extractors, cleaner cum oil recycling unit, floor scrubbers & scarifiers, dust & chip extractor, flux recovery unit, mist extractor, welding fume extractor, electro static air cleaners, electro static oil cleaners.  

Heaters & Burners
Fully automatic pressure jet oil/gas/dual fuel burners, low air pressure oil/gas/dual fuel burners, furnace oil heating pumping filtering unit, etc.  

Heavy casting and forgings for steel, power, railway, mining, sugar, defense, and other specialized applications.

Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tube bundles, waste heat boiler coil, oil tanks, tanks for oil rigs, air receiver with door, vessel for pre calcinatory, vapour trap and reflux tank, storage tanks, etc.

Motors, pumps, fans, transformers, street lighting poles, etc.

Banking automation machines

Electronic currency counting, testing, packing & dispensing machines.

Temperature Indicator / Scanner, Temperature Controllers, Miniature Temperature Instruments, Linearised Temperature Instruments, PID Controllers, Temperature Instruments In Flameproof / Weatherproof Enclosure, Digital Timers, Digital Counters, RPM Instruments, Frequency Instruments and Sensors, etc.

Kynol novoloid ACF Fibers & Fabrics, filters, clutches, fly wheel, power transmission components like roller chains, chain drives, idlers, P.I.V assembly, sprockets, elevator buckets, etc.

For cement, sugar, windmill, power plant, railway, defense etc.

New, reconditioning and servicing of hydraulics and pneumatics cylinders for earth moving equipments drill rigs, machine tools, cranes, presses, process industry equipments, marine equipments, etc.

Based on Diesel, coal, gas etc.

Cooling towers, kitchen ventilation, evaporative cooling system, water/ sewage treatment plant, air handling units, fans & blowers; room refrigerators, room safes, cutlery  & crockery, hair dryers & mirrors, matting, etc.

Bowling alley, water sports / amusement park / water park equipments, etc.

For the above we represent companies who are leaders in their respective field like

    • Aerotherm Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    • Aireff Detox Incineration Ltd.
    • Bell Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd.
    • Canara Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
    • CM Equipments & Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    • Eagle Forgings / Electrolux
    • EEL India ltd.
    • Filteron Pvt. ltd.
    • Gaso Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    • Greaves Ltd.
    • Hafi Elektra Pvt. Ltd.
    • Hindustan Steel & Metal Works
    • Hydraulics India Services Pvt. Ltd.
    • Industrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.,
    • Inco Mechel Pvt. Ltd. / Brunswick
    • Nippon Kynol Inc.
    • Premium Engineers ltd.,
    • Process Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,
    • Radalt Electrical Industries Ltd.,
    • Rajco Metal Industries Ltd., Etc
    • RCF Ltd.
    • Roots Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    • SRF ltd.,
    • Samarth Cash Machines Pvt. Ltd.
    • Simplex Engineering & Foundry Ltd.
    • Steel Storage & Retrieval Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    • Trafo Electric Pvt. Ltd.,
    • Vacunair Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
    • Wiperdrive Engineering.

We supply the above machinery, equipments & products to cement, fertilizer, sugar, paper, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, mineral, mining, steel, construction, engineering, electronic, food, dairy and other industries; government departments / undertakings, defense / research / scientific / educational institutions; star hotels, hospitals, banks, airports, ports, power plants, railways, airline / shipping companies etc.

We are subscription and advertisement agents under the name AMARICAR INFOMEDIA for trade & technical publications like Export Gazette, Beverage & Food monthly / directory, Powder & Bulk material handling, Fertilizer / Cement annual, Shipping guide books of Lloyd’s Register Fairplay, ITS International Magazine, World Highways magazine, World Pharmaceuticals News - Scrip Magazine   etc. Our clients are industries, ports, shipping companies, hotels, hospitals, institutions, govt. departments and individuals throughout INDIA.




o        MR. MOHAMED THAMBI, DIRECTOR - MARKETING: - After high school, he underwent extensive training in family's industrial units and in marketing their various products. He has vast experience of 20 years in marketing industrial products, machineries, equipments and consumer products in various states of India. He is also well versed in the business of gems & jewellery.

o        MR. HAMEED SULTAN, DIRECTOR  - TECHNICAL:- is a mechanical engineering graduate with post graduation in management (IIM - Ahmedabad) having 30 years experience in  manufacturing, project implementation and administration.

o        MR. K.S.YOUSUFF, DIRECTOR  - EXECUTIVE:- is an electrical engineering graduate having 25 years experience in manufacturing and marketing of industrial products.

o        MR. SMSA MARICAR, CHAIRMAN:- is the group chairman having vast experience in international trade for the last 3 decades and is based in LONDON.

We have other qualified experienced marketing personnel consisting of graduates and diploma holders and are supported by trained technical & able administrative staff. Our staff at Chennai is 20. Total staff strength in India is around 70 excluding manufacturing divisions.


o        A. KHATKHATAY: is a postgraduate in science (micro biology) and has 25 years of teaching & administrative experience.

o        B.J. WILSON: is a graduate in arts and has over 20 years experience in industrial marketing & administration.

o        SAMU MARICAR: is a graduate in commerce and has 17 years experience in marketing & administration.

o        S.A.NALEEM:    is an science graduate having 13 years experience in marketing and sales of industrial and consumer products.

o        V. JAGANATHAN: is a science graduate having 13 years experience in industrial production and maintenance.

o        SHAM JOWSAKI: is a graduate in computer science & postgraduate diploma holder in business administration. He has 7 years of experience in administration and software development.

o        AMANULLAH: is an arts graduate & postgraduate diploma holder in management and has 6 years experience in marketing of equipments & consumables.


        Our offices are located in the cities of Chennai & Thiruvananthapuram covering South India; Bombay, Tarapur & Vapi covering western India. Northern & Eastern India is covered through our associates. Chennai office is located in own spacious independent building in the central business district.  Mumbai office is located in south Bombay, the commercial capital of India in own spacious premises.  Thiruvananthapuram office is located in Chalai bazaar the commercial centre of the city. Our Tarapur & Vapi offices are located in own spacious premises in the premier industrial zones of India. All offices have good infrastructure and storage space.


Due to our presence in the industrial field for the last 3 decades, we have had the opportunity to interact with many clients from medium and large industries, apart from innumerable small scale units, hospitals, hotels, shipping / airline companies, defense / research / scientific / educational institutions, public utilities, exporters etc. We are in regular touch with many of these clients and are in a position to easily access many more. We keep in touch with engineering project contractors, industrial / project consultants, architects to keep abreast of new projects and up gradation. We have the latest database of all leading industries, hotels and institutions, government and public sector undertakings, utilities, etc. throughout India.


Trading & Distribution:        Indian Rupees.10 million per annum

Agency bookings:               Indian Rupees. 80 million per annum

Manufacturing division:      Indian Rupees.60 million per annum